Located in heart of the beautiful Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden,it is the one and only Luxurious hotel, Royal Waterlily Hotel, is an exclusivewell-built Garden-style resort.
The hotel lies on the west of Fruit Garden, the north of Shade Plant Garden and Museum, the east of Royal Waterlily Pond and Palm Collection, and the south of National Tree Collection.
The hotel is an ideal destination for business and leisure travelers to indulge in Xishuangbanna’s unique resort-like atmosphere. It’s about 60 minutes drive for the Jinghong airport; The Jinghong city center is 50 minutes away by car.
The hotel provides the most beautifully appointed rooms and suites for up 200 guests. The hotel dining facilities offer a variety of memorable diningexperiences, featuring characterized local and western food up for 300 guests.